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The dedicated retail building cleaning services provided by Global Services Florida are available to facilities located around Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Dade, Broward and the surrounding Palm Beach Counties. Our fully trained and qualified team of cleaners offers exceptional levels of cleanliness and consistency in every project they are assigned, leaving your building as sanitary, hygienic and safe as possible. In fact, we have experience cleaning facilities of all shapes and sizes, so no job is too big or small for us!

The Best Impression For Every Retail Outlet

Regardless of the type of industry your retail facility is in, we understand that you want new as well as returning customers to leave the premises seeing pristine spaces, given that high levels of cleanliness creates an undeniably positive first impression that encourages repeat business time and time again.

A retail store is an experience for the senses. So, it’s no surprise that certain high-touch areas will be breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Counters, doorknobs, and displays are constantly being handled by your customers. Global Services crews are expert cleaners. They can identify each of these areas and tackle them with every visit to your store.

Nothing equates to an enjoyable shopping experience like an aesthetically pleasing environment. Global Services cleaning professionals know that your storefront needs to be dust-free and shiny. They use microfiber cloths that are perfect for cleaning every nook and cranny, and they utilize the best products to achieve that perfect shine.

Specialized and Skilled

At Global Services, our Florida-based retail building green cleaning solutions include dusting, day porter service, one-time emergency clean-up assignments, and carpet and hard floor cleaning, as well as floor maintenance jobs, including floor buffing and polishing. Our skilled cleaning experts are LEED certified and taught in-house on an ongoing basis to keep up-to-date on the most efficient ways to clean, disinfect and sanitize. We also work hard to establish social links within our communities while at the same time offering immaculate clean-up solutions for local businesses that are second to none.

Unmatched Reliablity

When it comes to superlative customer service, Global Services simply cannot be beat! We are proud to represent a shining light of positivity in an industry that is not particularly well-known for its dependability, and we always ensure complete client satisfaction. If your current retail building commercial cleaning services are not as good as you would like, or you would prefer to work with a business that delivers only the finest professional cleaning solutions possible, please contact us today!

Find Out More

To learn more about commercial cleaning services, reach out to Global Services at (954) 640-0331.

What Our Customers Say

“Global Services has made a large impact on our customer experience just by making sure our facility always looks its best! All of Global’s employees are courteous and polite to our employee’s and our customers and that means a lot to us. It’s been a very good partnership.”