Miami commercial green cleaning services Effective and Safe

Global Services entered into the Green movement in 2008 with two purposes. One main objective of our company is to reduce Global Services’ carbon footprint. The other goal is to lower VOCs, volatile organic compounds, in the facilities that we service and consequently improving the working environment of these facilities. High levels of VOCs may cause respiratory and dermatological problems and it is essential to our company that we lower these levels through the application of our Green programs.

Powerful Partnership

Through Research and Development, we teamed up with one of the world’s largest chemical manufacturers, Spartan Chemical Company, and found the finest lineup of Green labeled products on the market today. As a result of using the correct tools, techniques, and chemicals, Global Services is able to reduce our carbon footprint by lowering VOCs. We have seen that this has dramatically improved employee morale, attendance, and performance in the workplace. In addition to all the benefits mentioned, our clients have reported a much cleaner facility.

Certified Training

Global Services also utilizes Spartan Chemical Company’s web-based training for both SIM and LEAD certifications. Our cleaning team is on a schedule of regular training sessions in which they are taught all of what is required to provide a Green-based clean. Contact us to inquire about how Global Services can assist your organization in bringing your facility up to the Green standards. Reduce your footprint and improve your environment today!

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To learn more about commercial cleaning services, reach out to Global Services at (954) 640-0331.

What Our Customers Say

“Since our company has been involved with Global Services we have noticed the quality of improvement throughout the facility.”