Healthcare & Medical Facilities Clinically Approved Cleaning & Disinfecting

Around Fort Lauderdale, Dade, Broward, Miami and the surrounding Palm Beach Counties, healthcare and medical facility cleaning services are synonymous with the high-quality commercial clean-up solutions that have been offered by Global Services Florida since 1990. The confidence and trust we have built up throughout the medical healthcare community during the passing years means a lot to us, and we are constantly focused on how we can improve the cleaning and sanitation services we provide. Consequently, when it comes to cleaning excellence, our experienced team is knowledgeable in how to utilize the most cost-effective healthcare facility cleaning solutions in the industry.


  • Outpatient Clinics & Surgery Centers
  • Dental Offices
  • Doctor Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Veterinarian Offices

The seasoned cleaning professionals who work for Global Services are trained on an ongoing basis to become as educated as possible about the state of the art green cleaning products, equipment, and techniques we employ on a daily basis, so we can offer first-rate, up-to-date clean-up solutions. Our medical facility experts handle many types of medical office cleaning jobs, including terminal cleaning and infection control, as well as cleaning and sanitizing different healthcare locations, including:

  • Pre and post operating room cleaning
  • Examination room and waiting room sanitation
  • Nursing station cleaning
  • Administrative office sanitation
  • Restroom, kitchen, and locker room cleaning

Meeting Your Needs and Schedule

Global Services understands that a germ-free medical facility is essential and that there is no margin for error when it comes to the high levels of cleanliness required. We believe that it is crucial that healthcare locations should always remain clean, sanitary, and sparkling, which is why our reliable teams can provide their meticulous clean-up services all day, every day! Regardless of whether it's carpet cleaning, dusting, hard floor cleaning services you require, we are on hand to assist you! We even offer a day porter service when needed. Call today for a cleaning quote!

We are extremely proud that we have become such a valued part of the local medical industry, and we do our utmost to only provide the finest healthcare cleaning services. That means that our dedicated healthcare cleaning team is available wherever you need them, whether it's a large-scale hospital or a medium-sized medical office that needs to look spotless and hygienic as soon as possible.

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To learn more about commercial cleaning services, reach out to Global Services at (954) 640-0331.

What Our Customers Say

Dr. Ash-Global keeps our office sparking. It a pleasure to come to work to a spotless dental office.